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C1100 Pro

C1100 Pro

More imaginative and professional sewing

Are you looking for a new, high-performance computerized sewing machine with lots of sewing comfort, quilting features and an extensive range of stitches? Then the SMARTER BY PFAFF™ C1100 Pro sewing machine is just right for you. Discover a world of new possibilities with sewing and quilting comfort.

So much more sewing and quilting comfort and inspiration!

Start looking forward to more than 200 enchanting utility and decorative stitches, with which to set unique creative accents and achieve excellent results. An extra large sewing area and an amazing sewing comfort are waiting for you. Simply select sewing programs and functions at the touch of a button – the LCD screen will show you all information. The stitches already have the optimal settings and can be changed as you choose. Develop your sewing knowledge and take the next step with a SMARTER BY PFAFF™ C1100 Pro sewing machine.

Experience all the features that will make a quilt uniquely yours. Set entirely new accents with sophisticated utility, decorative, and quilting stitches. Discover the pleasure of having even fabric feed (DFS™), an extra large sewing area for large volumes of fabric, and a machine which is very easy to use. Ask your authorized dealer for a personal demonstration and discover all possibilities!

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Dual Feed System™

Even fabric feed from top and bottom. Ideal for demanding materials, stretch fabrics, several layers, and much more.

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Large sewing space

Lots of space for working with large amounts of fabric. Enlarge the area with the quilt table (optional). Perfect for quilters!

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Decorative Embellishments

A wide variety of enchanting 9 mm decorative stitches and letters to create beautiful details and unique eye-catchers.